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HR Document Bundles FAQ


Why should I purchase the document bundles?

Each HR Document Bundle provides you with the documents and correspondence you need when facing a particular employment situation. And because they have been prepared by the HR Source legal team, they have a consistent look and feel, and you can be assured they fully comply with Illinois and federal law. Further, they contain simple instructions on inserting your specific information (organization name, employee name, dates, etc.) to customize the documents for immediate use. 


How are HR Document Bundles different from sample forms I might pull from your website or receive from the HR Hotline?

At HR Source, we endeavor to always offer our members multiple options for tackling their projects, tasks, and issues. The Sample Forms and Documents tool on our website (included with your membership) is always available to help you gather sample language and edit and assemble your own documentation.

But for those looking for more streamlined solution, HR Document Bundles have been prepared by the HR Source legal team as a ready-to-go, plug-and-play solution. Each bundle includes every document you need to address a specific situation (e.g., FMLA or ADA). There is no need to conduct further research, search the web, or make multiple calls. Their design allows you to easily insert your particulars (organization name, employee name, dates, etc.) into the necessary fields and then use them immediately, with confidence in their accuracy and integrity. 


How is purchasing an HR Document Bundle different from calling the HR Hotline and requesting that an attorney review the documents I have drafted or asking the attorneys to draft a document?

While there is a plethora of help available through the HR Hotline, document creation or formal review by our attorneys is not typically included. There is an additional charge for that work. The HR Document Bundles were authored and assembled by our attorneys and you can be confident in their legal compliance and utility. However, if you still want or require additional help in customizing individual documents (such as additional provisions, etc.), that charge will usually be minimal. 


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