Coronavirus Employer Response Survey - 8th Edition
Coronavirus Employer Response Survey - 8th Edition
HR Source remains committed to supporting our member employers through information, resources, education, benchmarking data, consulting services, advice and counsel. As part of our ongoing efforts to supply timely assistance, we conducted a 8th edition of our Coronavirus Employer Response Survey on February 1st through February 5th. Over 270 member organizations of various sizes from a diverse array of industries participated.

As you review our Coronavirus Employer Response Survey results, please keep the following in mind:

  • Our Illinois-based member employers represent a broad cross-section of industries, including manufacturers, financial institutions, warehouses, public libraries, associations, park districts and social service agencies. The majority of participants are small or mid-sized.

  • The environment is changing rapidly, and employers are working diligently to revise their strategies, policies, and actions on a daily basis.

  • Every organization is unique. While it’s helpful to know how other organizations are responding to coronavirus challenges, each organization should make plans in the best interest of their own business, employees and customers. This product is not available for purchase

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