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With HR Source, you’re more than a customer and more than a client. As an association, our attorneys will serve you as a member. 
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Legal Services

When your organization needs legal guidance, we can help.

When you encounter workplace-related legal issues or questions, you have our team on call. HR Source provides members with advice and legal services to help you stay legally compliant and manage your workforce confidently.

Our team of attorneys is here to guide you through difficult employment situations and claims, help you understand your legal obligations as an employer, ensure you are following best practices, and keep you up to date on regulations and compliance requirements.

Consult with our Attorneys Live (without the hourly fees!)
Any time you have an employment law question, contact our legal team for advice at no cost beyond your membership. Our attorneys can help you with those “gray area” decisions by discussing your legal risks and viable options.

HR Policies and Documents
We can assist you with policies, documents and forms, review employment-related agreements such as non-competes, confidentiality, severance/separation/release and vendor agreements, or draft them for you.

Employee Handbooks
Our attorneys not only review and draft hundreds of individual employment policies, they also review, update and draft complete employee handbooks. Let us help to ensure legal compliance and best practices at your organization.

Compliance Training
Through focused training programs, we can keep your entire team, from leadership and HR to supervisors and managers, up to speed on compliance requirements, including FMLA, ADA and drug and alcohol testing.

Discrimination and Harassment
An ounce of prevention … Let us train your organizational leaders – or your entire employee population – on harassment and discrimination awareness. And if necessary, our attorneys can guide your organization through these challenges, from investigations to reports and claims.

Legal Responses and Representation
Our attorneys can craft responses to complaints or charges from employees, attorneys and administrative agencies (such as the EEOC, IDHR, DOL, etc.). We can represent your organization at mediations, settlements, hearings, investigations, audits and fact-finding conferences.

Get legal support you can trust from your HR partner.

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