Professional Services

Affirmative Action Services (2/1/2017) 
Expert guidance from the leading resource on affirmative action compliance!

Benchmarking Surveys (2/1/2017) 
Reliable, accurate, current survey data on compensation, benefits and much more!

Benefit Assessment Surveys (2/1/2017) 
Optimize your benefits investment by offering the options your employees really value.

Compensation System Design (2/1/2017) 
Helping employers get the most value from their compensation and benefits package.

Contract Surveys (2/1/2017) 
We have more than 70 years of experience in survey design, implementation and interpretation!

Employee and Customer Surveys (2/1/2017) 
We can help to tap the power of your greatest resource...your employees!

Employee Benefits (2/1/2017) 
Your employee benefits challenges and insurance needs can be expertly addressed by the cost-effective source you already trust.

Employee Handbooks (2/1/2017) 
A current, accurate and comprehensive employee handbook is your most valuable HR tool.

FSA - Flexible Spending Account Administration (2/1/2017) 
Contain benefit costs, reduce payroll taxes and serve your employees with debit card convenience through FSA administration by the Management Association.

HR Check-Up (5/10/2017) 
A free member service!

HR Hotline (2/1/2017) 
A call is all it takes!

HR Support & Special Projects (2/1/2017) 
Have you ever wished for another HR professional who could sit beside you to help tackle your toughest issues? That wish can be granted.

Human Resource Assessment (2/1/2017) 
Minimize risk and maximize value with an expert HR Assessment!

Job Descriptions (2/1/2017) 
The expertise needed to keep your job descriptions current and accurate!

Legal Services for Members (2/1/2017) 
Our staff attorneys serve members directly with legal services and guidance!

Poster Store (9/22/2016) 
Order your Labor Law Posters here.

Room Rentals (1/19/2017) 
Meeting rooms that are comfortable, affordable and convenient.

Talent Acquisition & Management (2/1/2017) 
The resources and expert guidance to get the job filled!

Training and Organizational Development (2/1/2017) 
Expert training for your HR staff, management and leadership from the HR experts!

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