Employee and Customer Surveys

Employee and Customer surveysEmployee and customer surveys can provide critical insight into the people who directly drive your organizational success.

Employee Engagement Surveys
Many employee survey services rely on individual interpretation of results without any statistical baseline or data to validate their conclusions, or on repetitive surveying projects to track organizational progress over time.
At HR Source, we believe employee satisfaction is too critical to trust to random interpretation and guess work. We maintain a national database of normative data so that you can instantly benchmark your results against others in your business sector or geography and make meaningful interpretations based on statistical facts.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
What if you knew exactly what your customers wanted, expected and thought about you? Could you use that information to increase customer retention, drive sales and improve your bottom line? Let the experts at HR Source design and conduct a survey that does just that. You’ll get specific, focused data, right from your own customers, allowing you to hone your products, processes and staff to directly serve your customers’ — and potential customers’ needs.

Already use a survey tool that you’ve grown to like?
We can work with that. We’ll serve as an unbiased, third-party administrator to conduct the survey for your customers or employees, then aggregate and analyze the data, presenting the results in a meaningful, actionable format.


With more than 70 years of experience in survey design, implementation and interpretation, the HR Source can provide compelling and commanding data to identify organizational issues and improve business performance.

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