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What can your employees and customers tell you?

Let’s find out.

Employee and Customer Surveys

Gain critical business knowledge with survey solutions.

Your employees and customers drive your organization’s success. Knowing their opinions, experiences and satisfaction levels with your business can inform your decisions so you can improve on your success. HR Source has extensive experience designing, implementing and interpreting survey data to identify organizational issues and boost business performance.

Employee Engagement Surveys
HR Source believes employee engagement is too important to leave to random interpretation and guesswork. That’s why we rely on statistical baselines, data validation and benchmarking to provide meaningful insights drawn from statistical facts. Using our national database of normative data, we can benchmark your results against peer organizations. LEARN MORE

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Retaining customers, driving sales and improving your bottom line are much easier when you take action based on what customers really want, expect and think of your organization. We’ll design and conduct your survey to reveal the answers through focused data.

DE&I Employee Perception Survey
One of the best ways to measure and adjust your diversity, equity and inclusion plans is to ask employees about their experience directly. LEARN MORE

Benefits Satisfaction Surveys
With dramatically rising costs, companies need to carefully manage benefits offerings. Clearly understanding which benefits your employees really value allows you to more effectively manage your offerings to contain expenses while maximizing value. HR Source's Benefits Satisfaction Survey can be administered to management, employees, select work groups, or an organization's entire population to measure perceptions and interest in an organization's current benefits package.

Safety Perception Surveys
Are your employees actively engaged in your safety initiatives? Let’s find out.  The Safety Perception Survey is a carefully constructed tool that tells you what your employees think about safety and provides meaningful data to guide your safety strategy and initiatives.  Upon completion of the survey, your organization will receive feedback regarding your safety training, communication, work areas, organizational commitment and risk management. LEARN MORE

Returning to the Workplace Surveys
The Returning to the Workplace Employee Survey is a carefully constructed tool that tells you what your employees think about safety and COVID-19 protocols. This survey will be available for a limited time only.  Using HR Source’s standard Safety Perception Survey, additional COVID-19 questions have been added to assess employees’ comfort-level regarding safety when returning to the worksite. LEARN MORE

Comprehensive Survey Services
Questionnaire design, administration and processing
Data aggregation and analysis
Report formatting, design and production 
Online or hard-copy data collection
Focus groups
Executive summary results
Presentation of results 
Third-party administration of your preferred survey tool

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