Wage and Hour/EFMLA: Get the Information You Need

Wage and Hour/EFMLA: Get the Information You Need
This is a webinar program presented through Zoom.


As employers have returned to the workplace, many issues have surfaced regarding wage/hour and administration of the Expanded Family and Medical Leave Act entitlement under the FFCRA.  Join us as we bring you up to speed on the latest information.

This session will address a number of key topics including:

  1. Identifying compensable time as it pertains to temperature checks, health questionnaires, and donning and doffing PPE
  2. Managing pay freezes, pay cuts, and FLSA exemption changes
  3. Refusing work in exchange for continued unemployment benefits
  4. Handling requests for childcare leave if schools are closed and/or have remote learning 
  5. Dealing with teleworking and/or working part-time from home. (Can you require it? Do you have to agree to it?)
  6. Eligibility and pay issues under the EFMLA, including use of paid time off 

Join Kelly Hayden, JD and Chief Legal Counsel, and Kathryn O’Connor, Director of Compensation Services from HR Source, as they cover critical information employers need to take into consideration when handling these tough issues.   

8/5/2020 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Virtual Online Session

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