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General Sessions

Diversity & Inclusion: The Struggle Is Real
Traci D. Ellis, JD, SHRM-SCP, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Equity Officer; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Many organizational leaders have the best intentions for addressing diversity and inclusion in their organizations. They’re spending time and money trying to “do something” – and yet struggling mightily. So, what’s being overlooked? Hear from award-winning speaker, author and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion executive Traci D. Ellis as she offers her take on the key missing ingredient in most organizational efforts. Her perspective as an attorney and HR executive will provide insight into the effects of a robust diversity and inclusion strategy.

A Rewarding Future
Dr. Scott Cawood, President & CEO; WorldatWork
Every organization is being challenged to rethink its strategy, including how it competes for and engages with workers in an ever-changing, on-demand world. The role that a strong total reward program plays in responding to a diverse, global, and fast-moving world has become more and more important. Organizations are being challenged to reshape the workplace experience in order to remain competitive, and a well-designed and meaningful total rewards program is critical. Join Dr. Scott Cawood, as he discusses the unique role today’s HR professionals play in helping organizations make the connection between highly effective organizations and deeply meaningful rewards that ultimately place your organization ahead of your competitors.  

NEW CONTENT! Employment Law Update - A Coronavirus Discussion
Moderator: Mary Lynn Fayoumi, CAE, SPHR, GPHR; President & CEO, HR Source
Kelly A. Hayden, JD; Chief Legal Counsel
Blanca Dominguez, JD; Employment Counsel
Jim Griffin, JD; Employment Counsel
Kathryn O'Connor, PHR, SHRM-CP, CCP, GRP ; Director, Compensation Services

This session has been updated to bring you the latest intel and most practical guidance on planning for and handling the Coronavirus outbreak.

Breakout Sessions

Let’s Get Real: Practical Strategies for Personal Growth on Bias, Cultural Competency and Privilege in the Workplace
Traci D. Ellis, JD, SHRM-SCP, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Equity Officer; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Take a deeper dive with our opening speaker. Through an interactive and engaging workshop, Ms. Ellis will lead participants in a “Courageous Conversation” about how the lack of knowledge and awareness about bias, privilege and cultural competency derail the best laid Diversity and Inclusion intentions. What can each of us do to achieve personal growth in these areas? Attend and find out!

Stop Leaving Candidates in the Dust
Sue Winkler, SPHR, Director, EngageHR; HR Source
When was the last time your job requirements were evaluated? How open-minded are your hiring managers about candidate qualifications? In this timely session, Sue Winkler will examine the limitations of traditional thinking when it comes to candidate requirements. She’ll discuss how to broaden your approach to help secure the candidates you need and ways to present this concept to your hiring team to rewire their expectations.

Gender Authenticity at Work: Enhancing Your Organizational Culture
Kim Fountain, PhD, Chief Operating Officer; Center on Halsted
Study after study demonstrates that authentic people are stronger producers and contributors. Join Kim Fountain, PhD, as she explores the breakthrough concept of gender authenticity – a remarkable tool that encourages everyone to be their authentic self on the job. Learn how your organization can tap into the power of gender authenticity for its employees so that everyone can win.

Managing Stress & Burnout
Dr. Carrie Steiner, Founder; First Responders Wellness Center
We all have looming deadlines, demanding employees and daily challenges that cause anxiety. Stress is common, but chronic stress can put employees at all levels of an organization at risk for job burnout. Dr. Carrie Steiner, licensed clinical psychologist, will discuss how to create a healthy work environment and encourage individual wellness. Participants will learn how to initiate prevention strategies by setting realistic expectations for their organizations, and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of chronic stress and respond to job burnout.

Managing a Flexible Workplace
Jim Griffin, JD, Employment Counsel; HR Source
Telecommuting and the flexible workplace have become the “new norm.” Maybe it’s time for your organizational culture to embrace it, but before your whole workplace puts “working from home” on their calendars, there are also some legal issues to consider. Jim Griffin will discuss the employment laws that impact your telecommuting plan, and help to ensure you remain compliant with your off-site workforce.

Workplace Trends for 2020 (and Beyond)
Sonal Shah, JD, Senior Employment Counsel; HR Source
As our society evolves, so does the workplace. The last few years have seen significant changes in the employment landscape, whether from our legislatures, courts, or the expectations of our employees. What changes can we expect to see in the next few years? In this session, Sonal Shah will discuss what’s on the horizon, including more remote and flexible work options, paid parental leave and family planning benefits, improved efforts to increase diversity and fairness, and corporate wellness initiatives, including an emphasis on mental health.

Do You Really “Pay for Performance”?
Kathryn O’Connor, PHR, SHRM-CP, CCP, GRP, Director, Compensation Services; HR Source
In 1975 “pay for performance” was introduced to the world of compensation. Forty-five years later, organizations continue to struggle with how to make this process more effective. This session will focus on the critical elements of a pay for performance model and discuss ways to improve an existing performance-based compensation system. Kathryn O’Connor will place emphasis on pay range administration, performance evaluation tools, and how to link employee performance to merit increases.

Workplace Safety & Emergency Preparedness – Plan. Prepare. Protect.
Ray McGury; RJM Strategy Group
Tony Dahlin, Director of Security Solutions; Current Technologies Company
Don Varisco; Corporate Security Expert
From tiny startups to major corporations, physical security is one of the most important factors in the modern office. It’s your first line of defense against intruders, natural disasters and any other disruptive events that could derail your business. Conducting a security audit of your facility and your policies will find the security gaps and allow you to address them before a tragic event occurs. Join Ray McGury, Tony Dahlin and Don Varisco as they lead an interactive discussion about safety and security best practices for the “human asset.”