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Chicagoland Policies and Practices Survey 2022
Chicagoland Policies and Practices Survey 2022

Release date:  March 2022
Survey conducted:  Biennially in late summer/early fall

(Click here for more information about the National edition)

87 organizations participated in this local report.

Common to both editions:

189 questions divided into six major sections:

Sick/Personal Day Plans; Miscellaneous Benefits; Pay Practices; Working Conditions; Recruitment, Training and Development; and Employee/Community Relations.

Report includes:

  • Executive summary of survey highlights
  • Breakouts by company size by employee group (union; non-union; non-exempt, clerical, technical; exempt professional, managerial)
  • Total respondents data by employee group

Sample Questions:

  • How many paid holidays do you give?
  • What conditions must be met to qualify for tuition assistance?
  • What premium do you pay for second or third shift? 
  • How are flexible arrangements granted?
  • What is the minimum hourly work week for part-time employees to earn paid vacation?
  • What alternate work schedules are organizations using? 
  • How often do you provide service awards?

….and many more - 189 questions total! 

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For more information about having us conduct a custom survey for your organization, contact us at 800-448-4584 or send us an e-mail.

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