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Library Survey Questionnaire Cover

2023 Library Survey

This survey is open to all Illinois libraries. Past participants and HR Source members have already received a personalized participation link.

If you need a link, or need it resent, please email or call 800-448-4584. (You may also participate by downloading a PDF of the survey questionnaire below, and submitting a hard copy.)

All participants receive a free copy of the results. 

Participation Methods

This is also your opportunity to complete the optional 2023 Public Library Supplemental Report Questionnaire. The 2023 Public Library Supplemental Report will continue to be a detailed report, breaking out the data by individual library. 

Download a PDF of HR Source's Questionnaire    
Download a PDF of HR Source's Public Library Supplemental Report Questionnaire 

About the Survey

This survey collects base pay compensation information for over 60 positions as well as benefits data for the following topics: paid leave, medical insurance, other health benefits, retirement, training, tuition reimbursement, part-time employee benefits, and pay administration and practices. Statistics shown are average, median 10th, 25th, 75th and 90th percentiles. Data is reported by budget, population and employment size categories and well as all organizations combined. Participants are libraries in the state of Illinois.