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PLEASE NOTE: Our office will be closed Monday, September 25 for a staff training event.

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Illinois is the First State to Enact Freelance Worker Protection Act

Posted on 9/19/2023
Illinois has expanded its employment-related statutory scheme by recently passing a first-of-its-kind, state-level law protecting freelance workers.

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AI in HR: Biased but Beneficial

Posted on 9/19/2023
Did you catch last month’s conversation about artificial intelligence between our own Mary Lynn Fayoumi and Kathi Enderes on our Straight From The Source webinar series? Here are a few of their fantastic insights ...

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Open Call for Volunteers

Posted on 9/19/2023
As a 125-year-old association, we exist for (and because of) our members. HR Source has evolved quite a bit over the last several decades, and since 1999, our Advisory Council has played a significant role in moving our association forward.

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The Importance of Rituals in Building Business Relationships

Posted on 9/19/2023
On this September morn after being awaked by a noisy thunderstorm, I am reflecting on the importance of rituals.

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