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Remember Your Membership!

Posted on 7/16/2024
One of the benefits of being a long-term (21 years!) employee of HR Source is perspective. While not a perfect predictor, the past is a guide to the future. Not a map. A guide. For instance, we seem to hover at around 87-90% on-time membership ...

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Texas Court Preliminarily Enjoins FTC’s Non-Compete Ban

Posted on 7/16/2024
On July 3, 2024, a U.S. District Judge in the Northern District of Texas granted a motion to stay and issued a preliminary injunction against the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) final rule banning non-compete agreements.

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Reminder: Don’t Ask About Citizenship

Posted on 7/16/2024
As part of our services at HR Source (usually via HR Check-Ins and Affirmative Action), I often see members’ applications for employment (we look at them for compliance with state and federal law). One mistake I see frequently ...

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Job Descriptions – Why Bother?

Posted on 7/16/2024
Job descriptions. We don’t really need them, right? Nobody ever really looks at them so what’s the point? Well, if no one is looking at them, that’s another problem. An updated, accurate job description is critical not only for the ...

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