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Onsite Training

Streamline your training efforts.

We offer a wide variety of training programs that can be brought to your facility.

Often, necessary training is neglected due to simple logistics. If your needs can not be fulfilled with our scheduled public programs, we can bring an existing program to you, or even develop and deliver a program that meets your organization's specific needs. Partner with HR Source to identify your training needs, design courses to meet those needs, and create a training plan to ensure that employees develop the skills necessary to achieve your organizational objectives.

Training in Spanish! 

We can provide training programs to your Spanish-speaking employees and supervisors. 

Discrimination & Harassment Awareness

The Workplace Transparency Act, effective January 1, 2020, requires that all Illinois employers provide ANNUAL sexual harassment prevention training to all employees. Our Harassment Prevention Training may be led by one of our expert human resource training staff members or by one of our employment law attorneys.

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“It was a much needed and timely session for my team. I definitely came away with some useful tools to help navigate the transitions we're currently experiencing in my organization. I also thoroughly enjoyed [the facilitator's] delightful personality and comfortable command of the discussion topic.” 
Kecia Jackson, Manager, Administrative Operations, American Institute of Architects

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