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Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training

HR Source delivers harassment prevention training four ways. 

The Workplace Transparency Act, effective January 1, 2020, requires that all Illinois employers provide ANNUAL sexual harassment prevention training to all employees.
The City of Chicago Municipal Code, effective July 1, 2022, requires that all City of Chicago employers provide ANNUAL sexual harassment prevention training and bystander intervention training to all employees.

1. On-Site at Your Location or via Webinar

(In English or Spanish. Available to HR Source members only.) 

Our on-site training combines the use of lecture, discussion, practice questions, group activities and video to make sure that your employees understand the ins and outs of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination law. We’ll also review your specific anti-harassment policy and procedures with your managers and supervisors. 

Don’t want to get together in-person? We’ll take the same class and conduct it virtually. Your employees will still experience training by an attorney, still participate in lectures, discussions, poll questions and other activities and watch a video. In addition, we’ll conduct a review of your organization’s anti-harassment policy to make sure employees fully understand the requirements and procedures contained therein.

  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention for Supervisors & Managers
    2 - 2.5 hours
  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention for Employees
    1 - 1.5 hours
  • Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training for Private or Public Sector Boards
    1 hour  
  • NEW: Bystander Intervention Training for All Employees 
    1-1.5 hours 

2.  Public Webinars

Our live webinar training combines the use of lecture, discussion, polls, and video to ensure your employees understand the ins and outs of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination law. This type of webinar is presented live by an HR Source attorney, and is held occasionally throughout the year. View our Training Calendar here. These are open to members and non-members! (Can’t find a time that works with your schedule? Consider our streaming option or scheduling a private webinar).

Our monthly webinars present a standard program. While the program is updated to reflect changes in the law, the overall content typically remains the same from year-to-year. Your specific anti-harassment policy will not be reviewed, as participants from multiple organizations will be in attendance.

3.  Online Video Training from HR Source

(In English and Spanish.)

Need flexibility in scheduling your anti-harassment and anti-discrimination session? Then the Online Video Training option is for you. Employees can stream our supervisory and employee anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training to complete their training requirement whenever convenient. Our training combines the use of lecture and practice questions to ensure your employees understand the ins and outs of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination law.  

  • Harassment Prevention for Supervisors & Managers (also available in Spanish):
    Member Price: $45 per participant
    Non-Member Price: $60 per participant
  • Harassment Prevention for Employees (also available in Spanish):
    Member Price: starting at $22 per participant 
    Non-Member Price: starting at $32 per participant

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4.  Streaming, On-Demand through Traliant

(In several languages including English, Spanish and Chinese.)

HR Source has partnered with Traliant to offer online, interactive sexual harassment prevention training for the economical price of only $25 per employee.

Sessions are available for both supervisors & managers and general employees, and you can engage your team by choosing a version created with your workplace in mind. Options include corporate office, restaurant, hotel, retail, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing, and construction. All versions meet the state training requirements, including special provisions for restaurants.

Quickly and easily preview and purchase the right course for your team through this self-service site.
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“Excellent presentation with complex issues made easy to understand. As someone who has to complete this training every year, I really appreciated how recent updates and changes to the laws were noted.”
Emily Lane, Development and Communications Manager, Intonation Music

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