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Metro Chicago Compensation Survey Questionnaire Cover

2023 Metro Chicago Compensation Survey

This survey is open to members and non-members and requires a unique web link to participate. If you have not received a link and would like to participate, or if you need it resent, please email or call 800-448-4584.

Other Participation Methods:

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New Job for 2023:  Heat Treat Operator, Plumber, HVAC Technician and Business Development Manager
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About the Survey

The 2023 Metro Chicago Compensation Survey is a regional survey of compensation for non-exempt (including production) and exempt level positions below the executive level. This comprehensive survey collects base and variable pay compensation information for over 300 production, maintenance and service positions. Data is reported by job and includes breakouts by company size, geographic area and industry as well as all organizations combined. Statistics shown are average, weighted average, median, and percentiles: 10th, 25th, 75th and 90th.