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2023 National Executive Compensation Survey - Questionnaire Cover

2023 National Executive Compensation Survey

This survey is open to HR Source members and non-members alike and requires a unique web link to participate. If you need your link resent or if you'd like to request to participate, please email or call 800-448-4584.

Preview the survey by downloading a copy of the PDF questionnaire. Please either enter your PDF survey information online or return it to

About the Survey

This annual survey is coordinated by HR Source, in cooperation with 13 members of the Employer Associations of America (EAA). The survey contains compensation and benefits/perk data for 48 top-level positions. 

2023 Illinois Executive Compensation Survey

This survey will be compiled in conjunction with the National Executive Compensation Survey. Member organizations who participate in the national survey will get complimentary access to the new Illinois Executive Compensation Survey as well!