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Right on Target Compensation

High-tech, next-gen data access.

In partnership with Payscale, HR Source brings you the most accurate, up-to-date, and customizable compensation data ever!

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HR Source partners with Payscale to provide you with next-generation compensation data. Access real-world salary data, easily viewed online and filtered by industry and location, to suit your immediate needs.

Payscale Peer is an online compensation platform that contains on-demand, employer-reported salary data for 4,200 positions from 2,500 organizations representing 7.2 million employees!

A complimentary, live demo of the platform is available in our Video Training Store. It provides an explanation of how Payscale Peer will help empower and simplify your compensation practices and recruiting efforts:

 Video: Payscale Peer: What's It All About

Sound like a lot?

It is. But through our partnership, HR Source can offer it to our members for as little as $500 annually!


Two ways.

First, members who contribute data to our Metro Chicago Compensation Survey or our Library Survey (between March 5, 2024 and April 19, 2024), can opt to include their data in the Payscale Peer platform and purchase an annual subscription for just $500! (HR Source members who plan to participate in our Illinois Non-Profit Survey or our Park and Recreation Compensation Survey in the fall of 2024 will have the same opportunity then.)

Second, even members who choose not to participate in our surveys can purchase an annual subscription to Payscale Peer for $1,000. That’s still a pretty significant discount over the retail rate. (But why not participate in our surveys and get the full discount?)

What do I do now?

If you’re planning to participate in the Metro Chicago Compensation Survey or Library Survey this spring, click the link below to get started. We’ll get back to you quickly to get your subscription started.

Get started with Payscale Peer


If you choose not to participate in our surveys, but still want to purchase a subscription to Payscale Peer, email us at We’ll get you set up now.


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Learn more about our partnership with Payscale Peer.

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