2017 Metro Chicago Compensation Survey Released

By Kathryn O'Connor, PHR, SHRM-CP, CCP, GRP, Director, Compensation Services
Published August 8, 2017

Management Association is pleased to announce the release of the 2017 Metro Chicago Compensation Survey. Thanks to the contributions of 384 participating organizations who shared pay information for 15,994 employees, our survey team produced a report that will serve as a valuable resource for Illinois employers.

Metro Chicago Compensation Survey 2017Formerly known as the Wage & Salary Surveys, the 2017 Metro Chicago Compensation Survey is a regional survey of compensation for non-exempt and exempt positions below the executive level. This comprehensive survey includes base and variable pay compensation information for over 330 graded (using our National Position Evaluation Plan) professional, administrative, production, maintenance and service positions. Data is reported by job and includes breakouts by organization size, geographic area and industry. Statistics shown include averages, weighted averages, medians and percentiles. Also provided are pay model structures and grade summaries by total participants and geographic area.

Here are a few highlights of the 2017 results:

  • The survey has a range of industries represented. 34.4% are in manufacturing and 56.8% are in the service sector. 43.2% of the for-profit companies are privately held and 37.5% of the participants are in the public sector/government.  
  • Organizations of various sizes participated. 63.1% of the participating employers have under 100 employees and 94.1% have under 400 employees.  
  • Average projected wage increases for the next twelve months are 2.5% for unionized production employees, 2.2% for non-unionized production employees, 2.5% for non-exempt (non-production) employees and 2.6% for exempt employees.

Management Association strives to provide users with accurate, reliable and understandable data as a guide in making informed comparisons on pay. The Metro Chicago Survey is the largest compensation survey we publish, and serves as the main benchmarking source for most of the compensation projects performed by our in-house compensation team.

If you are a member of Management Association, and participated in the survey, please download the report from your "My Surveys" page (login required). If you didn't participate, you can read more about the report or purchase it here

If you have any questions for our survey or compensation staff, please contact us at 800-448-4584 or at surveys@hrsource.org.


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