ODRISA Permit Application Now Online

By Sally Weldin, Sr. Human Resource Specialist
Published August 8, 2017

ODRISA Permit Application now onlineThe Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) has been updating some of its forms and procedures. As part of that process, the permit application for the Illinois One Day Rest in Seven Act (ODRISA) is now online.

ODRISA regulates the work week in Illinois, allowing workers a twenty-four-hour period of rest in each calendar week. The term “week” is defined as seven consecutive twenty-four-hour periods starting at 12:01 a.m. Sunday morning and ending at midnight of the following Saturday night. Employers who need to have one or more employees work all seven days in a week must apply for and receive a permit from the Illinois Department of Labor. Employees must voluntarily agree to work on the seventh day. Permits are granted up to eight times a year, but requests for permits after that may undergo scrutiny by the IDOL. There are some exceptions that don’t need a permit application, such as emergencies to prevent injury. The full list of exceptions can be found in the law.   

The new online permit eliminates the need for employers to email, call or fax in permit applications.

Management Association members with questions about ODRISA should contact us via the HR Hotline at hotline@hrsource.org or 800-448-4584.


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