Adding a Spark to Your Recruiting Efforts

By Sue Winkler, Director, EngageHR
Published October 10, 2017

recruiting talentRecruiting has always had its share of challenges, but in today’s job market, it can be difficult for employers to feel like they are attracting the right candidates. HR professionals wear many hats, and most organizations do not have the luxury of a dedicated recruiter. When a need arises to find a new employee, the approach most often taken is, “Let’s do what we did last time.” The resources and capacity to research new strategies just doesn’t exist.

Help is here. The Management Association has scheduled two recruiting events in the coming weeks highlighting new tactics and best practices to help attract those elusive candidates — and how to give them a unique interviewing experience.

First up, The Next Step for Dynamic Recruiting is scheduled for October 24 and will be held at the Management Association’s offices in Downers Grove. Today’s job seekers are looking for a true picture of your organization and what it means to work for you. One way to help convey that message is through technology. Abby Chessman and Elena Valentine from SkillScout will share ideas to create a captivating job post and realistic job preview. In addition, they will offer tips to help you provide a memorable interview process.

Next, we have a full morning of presentations all focused on sourcing candidates. Sourcing Talent Today is scheduled for November 10 and will also be held at the Management Association’s offices in Downers Grove. You will hear from speakers on a variety of sourcing topics including global recruiting, seasonal recruiting, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, social media, database searches, and skilled labor recruiting.

Our EngageHR team partners with members to provide recruiting assistance and, often, it’s a combination of efforts that result in finding the right fit. These presentations will cover a wide variety of topics and strategies to help you be more successful with your next recruiting campaign.

The Management Association is here to help with your questions, or to provide recruiting support to ease the burden on your HR team and hiring managers. Call us at 800-448-4584 for help, or email

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