Member Spotlight: Unemployment Consultants, Inc.

By Christopher Schneider, Director, Membership & Business Development
Published December 12, 2018

The Management Association is fortunate to serve many companies and organizations with HR assistance. We answer questions, provide consultations on specific projects, and offer advice to a diverse group of members. While we revel in our ability to help people in their role as an employer, we can't know everything! But even if we do get stumped, we're always able to provide high quality referrals to our reputable partners and Supplier Sponsors.  

Unemployment Consultants

Unemployment Consultants, Inc. happens to fall into both camps; they are both an Association member and a Supplier Sponsor. Based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, they help employers challenge and mitigate their unemployment claims, reduce costs, and revise their part-time and seasonal workforce policies. They have built a niche in the public sector, particularly for the park district community, by providing great service and keeping their clients up to date about the ever-changing landscape of unemployment legislation.

The company is nimble and impactful in this space, and theirs is a family affair. While Carol Gabrielsen founded Unemployment Consultants, Inc. in 1990, to offer a personal approach to disputing claims, she was soon joined by her brothers Greg and Robert. Many of our members know Carol as a voice of authority and reason, someone who is attuned to the political landscape in Springfield, and also intimately aware of the nuances of establishing a favorable defense against unwarranted claims.

Carol says, "I'm proud of not only what we do to save employers money, but also how we go about it. We want to be authentic, transparent, and high-touch in service of our clients’ needs." She has worked with governors and legislators to develop unemployment laws, rules, and regulations. She is also the author of A Manufacturer's Guide to the Illinois Unemployment Laws. Her expertise has been on display at many briefings and appearances at the Management Association’s events, and our staff has learned to rely on her as they help members untangle unemployment claims. She will also be on hand at our upcoming “Altogether HR 2018 Conference”, scheduled at the Westin Chicago Northwest in Itasca, on March 8, 2018, as a speaker and sponsor.

Unemployment Consultants, Inc. takes a holistic approach to the process of disputing claims. They are involved in auditing each claim for eligibility and reviewing the benefit period, the benefits paid, and the benefit charges to each account. Carol, Greg, and Robert also handle the investigation, protest, and all follow up. They provide representation at all Illinois unemployment hearings, can respond to all calls from the local unemployment office, and process claims to their final disposition, including the Board of Review. Unemployment Consultants also provides comprehensive claims activity reports and keeps their clients up to date on unemployment law changes.

They keep us informed too! Recently the let us know about the new 2018 Employer Contribution Rate Determination chart. On November 30, 2017 The Illinois Department Of Employment Security, (IDES) mailed the 2018 Employer Contribution Rate Determination. Check the Rate Determination as soon as it is received, as the employer has only until December 15, 2017 to protest if the rate is incorrect. The 2018 minimum and maximum rates were reduced from the 2017 rates.

 Minimum Rate    .525%  (reduced from .550%)  
 Maximum Rate  6.925% (reduced from 7.350%)  
 2018 Taxable Wage Base  $12,960.00  


The cost per employee at the minimum rate will be $68.04, per employee who earns $12,960.00, in calendar year 2018.   The 2017 cost per employee was $71.28.

The cost per employee at the maximum rate will be $897.48, per employee who earns $12,960.00, in calendar year 2018.  The 2017 cost per employee was $952.56.

If you have any questions, contact Carol or Greg Gabrielsen at (847) 670-0590 or visit them online at

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