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Is Your Staff Savvy Enough to Avoid Phishing?

By Kevin Menzer, Chief Operating Officer
Published November 15, 2022

If you aren’t sure, then your data is at risk. Just one click of a link in an email or one opened attachment and your network, along with all the data on it, could be compromised. Don’t gamble on end-user knowledge. Give your employees the training they need to spot phishing attempts.

Almost 38% of users who don’t undergo cyber awareness training fail phishing tests. Your best defense is training that keeps your employees from inadvertently divulging personal and confidential information or downloading malicious software via emails, text messages, phone calls, and social media.

The average payment for a ransomware demand has grown to more than $170,000. An organization’s total cost of recovery, however, is typically 10 times more than the ransom. 

Train your team to protect your organization’s data with training from our partners at Traliant. Recognizing and Preventing Phishing Attacks is a 20-minute course that explains how phishing scams work, the risks they pose, and the role employees play in preventing costly cyberattacks. Bite-sized episodes with interactive simulations and practice scenarios provide practical tips for spotting common forms of phishing, preventing phishing attacks, and keeping information security top of mind. Preview the course today!

Reduce your risk even further by rolling out Data Privacy & Information Security, General Data Protection Regulation, and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards training to your team. 

Build a training program that reduces risk and gives you peace of mind. View the complete HR Source/Traliant catalog of online training and get started today!