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Communication Skills for the Workplace

Communication Skills for the Workplace
This is a virtual training program presented through Zoom.

”I need you to stop what you are doing right now and get this done.”
“You are always yelling in your emails.”  
“You never listen to me.” 
“I need that report ASAP.”

How often have you heard these statements in your organization? The result is always the same: increased pressure, confusion and frustration.

Ever-changing technology, and diversity in styles, personalities, and generations in the workplace make it seem like effective communication is a lost cause. But appropriate communication that develops positive employee relationships is essential for overall organizational success. The DiSC® profile provides insight into our own styles and preferences.  Let us teach your staff to adapt their communication style to optimize results in  every interaction with every individual they encounter.

Participants in this session will:

  • Assess their own communication skills and apply a basic communication model to improve everyday communication
  • Adapt their personal communication styles to communicate more effectively with others
  • Cultivate listening competencies to enhance the communication process
  • Review business communication etiquette
  • Develop a roadmap and a personal action plan for clearer communication

All participants will receive a link prior to the session to take an online communication style (DiSC®) assessment. Please take the assessment and bring a printed copy of the report to the session.

6/8/2023 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Virtual Session

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