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HR Department of One Peer Hub 23/24

HR Department of One Peer Hub 23/24
This is a members-only, virtual meeting held on Zoom.


Flying Solo? Even though you’re an HR department of one, you don’t need to navigate all alone. This Peer Hub connects you with fellow professionals who are leading the HR charge unaccompanied. Come prepared with your discussion topics and be ready to share your breakthroughs, epiphanies and eureka moments in handling tactical, day-to-day HR issues as well as strategic initiatives. 

Registering for this session registers you for all remaining dates in the series. The registration fee is prorated accordingly.   

July 11, 2023
September 12, 2023
November 14, 2023
January 9, 2024
March 12, 2024
May 14, 2024

Join the HR Department of One Peer Hub to enjoy these exclusive benefits: 

  • Collaborate regularly with colleagues to tackle shared challenges and gain fresh perspectives.
  • Get unbiased, non-judgmental support and ideas from your peers.
  • Stay ahead of the game with up-to-date information and advice on trends affecting your profession and community. 
  • Take away actionable ideas and strategies tailored to your organization.

View our Peer Hub Guidelines to learn more. 

11/14/2023 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Virtual Session
Non Member PriceMember Price
Sorry, this is a members-only event.$140.00

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