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Supervisory Essentials - Meeting the Challenge

Supervisory Essentials - Meeting the Challenge
This is a virtual training program presented through Zoom.

In this program, participants will acquire a fundamental understanding of how to build essential relationships with managers and supervisors, peers and team members. Discussion and virtual activities address developing a personal, effective leadership "style", interpersonal communication, delegation, and the importance of understanding departmental and organization objectives.

The goal of this session is to provide participants with a foundation for building the “soft” skills required to be an effective supervisor. Participants will leave the course with an action plan and tools that they can apply in their workplace.

In the pre-work and during this virtual workshop, participants will:
  • Review a leadership skills assessment to identify strengths and areas for personal development.
  • Distinguish supervisory responsibilities related to people and tasks.
  • Explore ways to improve working relations with managers, peers and team members.
  • Practice sustaining open lines of communication.
  • Explain the difficulties of and the necessity to delegate a task.
  • Gain an appreciation of the need to understand and communicate organizational objectives effectively. 
  • Describe strategies for overcoming the common challenges of transition from the role of an individual contributor to supervisor.

    This is a virtual adaptation of our Instant Impact: Supervisory Fundamentals in-person session.

    To promote engagement and interactivity, the use of camera and microphone will be expected of all able participants.
3/5/2024 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Virtual Session

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