LinkedIn’s New Pricing Model for Job Postings

By Sue Winkler, Manager, EngageHR and Kevin MacTaggart, PHR, HR Assistant
Published May 23, 2017

Last month, LinkedIn rolled out a new pricing model for job postings. Because LinkedIn is a popular site with Management Association members searching and sourcing candidates, here's a quick overview of what to expect when posting your jobs under the new structure.

LinkedIn new pricingLinkedIn is no longer offering its “flat fee for 30 days” pricing structure. It has moved to a price-per-day model, similar to Indeed. Organizations interested in posting an ad to LinkedIn will now be asked to set a daily rate that translates to the number of clicks, or views, allowed per day. Prior to posting your job, determine how much you want to spend for that job per month. Then just divide that budgeted amount by 30 days and set that as your total daily budget.

LinkedIn has made two promises to employers. First, it will not charge over two times your set daily budget in one day and will not charge more than your set budget in a 30-day period. (For example, if you choose $10.00/day, you will not be charged more than $20.00 in one day and not over $300.00 in a 30-day period. The pricing per click will vary day-to-day based on the job title and location, as well as whether other organizations are posting similar positions on any given day. The current site average is roughly $1.20‐$1.50 per click, but again will vary based on the factors above.)  Second, even if you hit your daily cap (two times your set daily budget), your job is still searchable and viewable; candidates can apply at no additional cost.

Keep in mind that the more you spend on the daily rate, the higher your ad will appear on the LinkedIn list. As your budgeted amount shrinks, your ad will move down the list. However, your job is posted live to LinkedIn’s job marketplace, and sent out in weekly email updates and notifications called "Jobs you may be interested in."

Time will tell if this new structure is beneficial to organizations.  LinkedIn is still a leader in professional connections and a site that many candidates will search when looking for a job. LinkedIn seems to be putting more budgetary control in the hands of employers, and its competitor Indeed has been very successful utilizing a pay-per-click pricing model.

But placing an ad is just one aspect of the recruiting process. Sourcing candidates is becoming more and more important to boost candidate flow and find the right fit.  Join us on June 27 for Recruiting Using LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and Social Media. And remember, our EngageHR team is ready to help if recruiting assistance is needed. Contact us at 800-448-4584 or

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