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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Bundle
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Bundle
The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Bundle consists of 14 fully editable and customizable employee handbook policy statements that will clearly establish and define your organization’s commitment to fair and equitable employment practices.

The DE&I Bundle includes:

• Making Your Handbook Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable (Article)
• Bullying Policy
• DE&I Reasonable Accommodation Policy
• Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Policy
• Employment Opportunity Statement
• Employment Opportunity Statement - Chicago Specific
• Flexible Schedule Policy
• Floating Holidays Policy
• Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy - Private Sector
• Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy - Public Sector
• Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy - Chicago Specific
• Open Door Communication Policy
• Paid Caregiver Leave Policy
• Paid Parental Leave Policy
• Personal Appearance Policy
• Telecommuting Policy
• Transgender Employment Policy
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