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Payscale Peer: What's It All About?
Payscale Peer: What's It All About?
March 7, 2024
(44 Minutes)

March in like a lion with the most powerful compensation data tool we’ve ever been able to offer to members of HR Source!

We’ve partnered with Payscale to offer members who participate in our Metro Chicago Compensation Survey or our Library Survey (between March 5, 2024 and April 19, 2024), the option to include their data in the Payscale Peer platform and purchase an annual subscription for just $500! (HR Source members who plan to participate in our Illinois Non-Profit Survey or our Park and Recreation Compensation Survey in the fall of 2024 will have the same opportunity then.)

How cool is it? How’s it all work?

In this session, originally presented on March 7, 2024, our partners at Payscale present a live demo of the platform and explain how it will help empower and simplify your compensation practices and recruiting efforts.

• Price jobs quickly and accurately.
• Keep track of emerging markets.
• Track companies in your industry to keep pace with your peers.
• Use your HR Source membership to get low-cost access to this system.