Mary Orga and Mary Lynn Fayoumi

A Loyal Member Retires

By Mary Lynn Fayoumi, CAE, SPHR, GPHR, President & CEO
Published March 13, 2018

A few weeks ago, I was at my desk working on a presentation when I was called to the reception area to speak with a member who was here for a training program. This is not an unusual occurrence at the Management Association; our members are here frequently meeting with staff and attending training sessions. So, I hurried down the hall and was greeted by Mary Orga’s smiling face. Now, admittedly, I don’t know every member by name or face, but Mary’s is quite familiar to me as she has been involved with the Management Association for more than three decades. What happened next not only made my day, but reinforced why I am so proud to lead this organization. 

The reason that Mary wanted to see me was to personally tell me that she had set a retirement date from her employer of eleven years, Toyal America, Inc. She also wanted to communicate what an important role the Management Association had played in her career over the years. During our face-to-face conversation and a subsequent one over the phone, Mary shared her history with us and how she has utilized our member benefits and services during her career. Mary said that she always knew she wanted to be in HR, but didn’t have an HR degree. While her MBA certainly played a key role in her success, she has relied upon the team at the Management Association to give her confidence and ensure that she was always on the right page when facing tough decisions.

During our conversations, Mary gave kudos to many of our departments and team members. From training, to affirmative action, to employee engagement surveys, our services and support made a difference when her employer faced needs that she could not solve without assistance. Mary specifically complimented our legal team who have helped her stay in compliance and up-to-speed with new laws and changing regulations over the years. And when I probed her about any service issues she may have had when working with us, Mary said that every interaction with our staff has been always been cordial and professional.

As a stand-alone HR professional, Mary said it has been especially comforting to know that she was not alone, but in fact had an entire team of subject matter experts ready to assist her whenever the need arose. Mary recalled first joining the Management Association in the mid-1980s while we were still located in a school building in Westchester, and how proud she was to be part of our first HR Certification Preparation course in the mid-1990s. Three of the four organizations that Mary worked for during her career were brought to the Management Association through her recommendation. While the management teams she’s been part of haven’t always understood HR, they always came to understand and respect the resources and expertise that Mary accessed through us.

On behalf of the entire team at the Management Association, I want to wish Mary all the best in her retirement. And, while her story is unique and special, I am well aware that we have a plethora of loyal members like her that we are privileged to partner with and serve over the course of long careers. Being an indispensable resource that boosts the confidence of our members is a key goal of our staff and our entire organization. It’s one we are committed to delivering on for decades to come.  


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