Management Association: The Work/ “Life Hack”

By Christopher Schneider, Director, Membership & Business Development
Published May 15, 2018

Life hack: ˈlīfˌhak/  noun, informal
1. a strategy or technique employed to manage time and activities more efficiently

My kids are obsessed with so-called “life hacks.” They watch YouTube videos on them constantly.

For the uninitiated, a life hack is a “fix” or “cheat” that makes life easier in the modern world. It could be a simple answer to a tedious conundrum or an inexpensive solution to a problem. My favorites are the re-purposing of random objects put to work alleviating enormous inconvenience. Think “MacGyver,” but in a domestic setting. It might be the best use of the internet to date – that is, the collective approach to solving problems. Then again, it might just be a healthy diversion. I’d like to think this is inspiring my children’s ingenuity or developing a tendency toward a career in mechanical engineering or rocket science. One can only hope …

Examples of Life Hacks:
Using the little plastic fasteners from a loaf of bread to gather cell phone charger cords.
Disassembling coat hanger clips and using them as chip clips.
Turning on your car seat warmers to keep a pizza hot on the way home for dinner. (I’ve done this.)

It occurs to me that the life hack phenomenon is not unlike how I approach selling memberships and services for the Association. We’re the little, ingenious fix to the complexity of the modern workplace.

No large corporate structure to solve your HR challenges? We’re the hack for that!

All your local attorneys want exorbitant fees just to talk on the phone? We have three attorneys (who are not hacks) eager to help you out for the reasonable price of an annual membership.

Not convinced that a traditional recruiter deserves 20% commission for a new Director of Sales? Our versatile EngageHR staff can help you move the needle without too much movement from your budget.

Everyone likes a shortcut, a good deal, or a quick fix to their challenges. While nothing is ever truly easy or free, we’d like to think that our model is a sensible approach to the overwrought world of HR consulting and legal discourse. The thrill we get about discovering a good life hack is derived from the notion that the solution is obvious, and we’re amazed and tickled that it never occurred to us before. When I inspire that feeling in an HR professional I've just met, I know the Association is about to have a new member.

Incidentally, my kids have no idea that they have been duped by many a life hack during their upbringing. I am the primary chef at our house and proud to say that while my cooking is better than average, I haven’t had any picky eaters. They ate all their dinner once I thought to move back dinner time from 6 to 7pm. They always got their veggies once they learned to love pasta. I gleefully grated carrots into the sauce every time. Sorry guys. You’ve been hacked.

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