Illinois Sets Up Harassment Hotline for Employees

By Sally Weldin, Sr. Human Resource Specialist
Published August 7, 2018

Illinois Sets Up Harassment Hotline for Employees

In December 2017, HR Source updated employers on the new Illinois Public Act 100-0554, which amended the Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act regarding sexual harassment training and specific policy requirements. The new law addressed state employees and employees of units of local government. The Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR), the state’s non-discrimination enforcement agency, was also directed to set up a sexual harassment hotline by February 2018. 

IDHR has jurisdiction over public and private sector employers, and now has a webpage dedicated to the new Illinois Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Helpline. The hotline is intended to assist employees anonymously reporting sexual harassment in both public and private sector places of employment.  

Though the new hotline is intended to be a resource for employees, Illinois employers should always investigate internal harassment and discrimination claims that are brought to them rather than referring employees to the hotline. All employers should ensure that:

  • The organization has a detailed anti-harassment policy;
  • The policy has been distributed to all employees; and
  • The organization conducts regular anti-harassment training for both managers and employees.

Though anti-harassment training is not yet regulated for private sector employers in Illinois, HR Source recommends such training for employees every two to three years.

If you have questions about anti-harassment policies or employee training, please contact us at or 800-448-4584.

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