UPDATE – EEO-1 Report Filing

By Sally Weldin, Sr. Human Resource Specialist
Published April 9, 2019

As employers prepared to file their EEO-1 reports this year, several events occurred that affected filing. Due to the government shutdown that began in December 2018 and ended in late January 2019, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency responsible for collecting the EEO-1 data, extended the filing deadline from March 31, 2019, to May 31, 2019. Then in early March 2019, a federal judge suddenly reinstated the compensation and hours worked portions of the EEO-1 report, which the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had previously suspended in 2017.  The judge ruled that OMB’s suspension had been unlawful and gave the EEOC until April 3, 2019 to respond.

The EEOC filed a response this past week on April 3, indicating that it could collect the pay and hours worked data this year only if a third-party contractor was utilized and the deadline was pushed back to September 30, 2019. The EEOC estimated that collecting the data this year through an external firm would cost over $3 million. 

Employers should be aware that this is only a response. We are still awaiting the judge’s ruling on data collection of pay and hours worked for this reporting cycle. While the portal at the EEOC website remains open, is it still undetermined if employers will be filing compensation and hours worked information. The portal is accepting race/gender information by EEO category, and the due date for that data remains May 31, 2019. 

HR Source will continue to update readers on when the judge responds. Further guidance and assistance will be offered through our EEO-1 webinar on April 11, 2019.  

Questions?  HR Source members with questions about EEO-1 reports or affirmative action programs should contact us at 800-448-4584 or hotline@hrsource.org. We can assist with both. 


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