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General Sessions

Less Bias, Better Job Candidates 

Kat Kibben, Founder, Three Ears Media

Wonder why your job posts aren’t generating qualified, diverse applications? Maybe it’s that tired (and maybe biased?) laundry list of qualifications. Historically, job postings were designed to eliminate the majority of candidates – to keep people out. To get different results, do something different: remove the common biases that make candidates question if they’re qualified. 

Join Kat Kibben, award-winning writer and recruiting expert, as they share tactics to create content that attracts qualified people from every background. Kat will help you identify hidden biases and rewrite mandatory requirements to drive qualified, diverse talent to your organization. These small, simple shifts will create immediate results in your recruiting efforts! 

Employment Law Update 

Kelly A. Hayden, JD, Chief Legal Counsel, HR Source



Embark on a dynamic exploration of employment law with Kelly Hayden, Chief Legal Counsel at HR Source. Her info-packed session unravels legal nuances to guide you through the maze of new employment laws, recent court decisions and impending regulations. Kelly's insightful review of legal issues, combined with her forward-looking perspective, will help you prioritize immediate needs and set the course for 2024 and beyond. 



Breakout Sessions I

Managing Unmanageable Employees 

Candace Fisher, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director, Organizational Development, HR Source 

Lauren Soderstrom, PHR, Senior Organizational Development Partner, HR Source 

Bob Moore, MA, MS, FASAE, CAE, Executive Director, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians 

Bob Moore, Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach and HR Source member, joins forces with HR Source’s Organizational Development team to explore the complex topic of differentiating between difficult and toxic employees. From disruptive behavior to conflicts, this session offers fresh perspectives and approaches for handling challenging situations effectively. You’ll learn the benefits of leading with a strengths-based leadership style to prevent and manage difficult situations while minimizing the impact on team morale and productivity.

Put Your Job Post to Work(shop) 

Kat Kibben, Founder, Three Ears Media 

Take the tactics you learned from Kat Kibben’s opening session and put them into action! Bring your own job post for a tough-to-fill position or one that’s had disappointing results. It’s time for a makeover! Kat will help rewrite your requirements LIVE. You’ll leave the session armed with tools and templates for quickly creating job posts that trigger replies from the right talent. But wait, there's more! The best part happens after the session when your tweaks and adjustments transform the performance of your job postings.

The Struggle is Real: Work-Life Balance for Leaders  

Lisa Paolantonio, LCPC, CEAP,
Senior Employee Assistance Counselor, 
Metropolitan Family Services Employee Assistance Network

The old way of thinking about balance isn’t working. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is not only crucial for your personal well-being, it’s also necessary to your success as a leader and for your organization. This session will shift your paradigm to embrace the concept of harmony. Join Lisa Paolantonio, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and learn how to make the various aspects of your life come together in a less stressful and more fulfilling way. Moving beyond the basics of self-care, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep that many of us know (but don’t do), we'll dive deeper into concrete tools and strategies for success for both leaders and their teams.

Breakout Sessions 2

Preparing for Salary Transparency 

Kathryn O’Connor, PHR, SHRM-CP, CCP, GRP, Director, Compensation Services, HR Source

Jackie Throop, SPHR, Director, Outsourced HR & Recruiting Services, HR Source  

On January 1, 2025, Salary Transparency will transform the hiring landscape in Illinois. Are you ready to confidently include salary ranges and benefits in your job postings? Kathryn O’Connor and Jackie Throop will guide you through both compliance essentials and strategic considerations as you prepare for the new law. What portion of the salary range should you reveal? How will you handle questions from candidates and from current employees? Will this change lead to more or fewer pay negotiations? Do pay ranges have to be market competitive for compliance? Join the discussion and discover confidence-building practices in the evolving landscape of salary transparency.

Real-World DE&I  

Julius E. Rhodes, SPHR, Founder and Principal, mpr group

Kelly Durov, Assistant Director, Northbrook Public Library

Marc Klemencic, Director, Talent Management, AAR

Kate Temple, SPHR, Chief People Officer, Bostrom 

Many organizations have committed to developing and enhancing their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. Sonal Shah and Allison Sues will lead an enlightening conversation with three HR Source member organizations that are making great strides in their initiatives. Discover the impactful strategies, tactical approaches, and dedicated efforts driving DE&I within their organizations. Gain insights into real-world experiences as our panelists share what’s working, what’s not working and how you can apply similar practices in your organization. 

How To Be a Centaur: Practical AI in HR  

Blaise Adams, aPHR, OD & Data Analytics Specialist, HR Source

Ben Opp, SPHR, HR Hotline Advisor, HR Source 

Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) have a place in HR? Join HR Source's own Blaise Adams and Ben Opp for a dynamic and interactive AI workshop, applying the power of generative AI tools like ChatGPT to real-world HR tasks and responsibilities. You’ll learn how “large language models” (like ChatGPT) work, how to use them ethically and responsibly, and how to optimize results through masterful prompt writing. Our HR-specific use cases and applications will deliver an AI boost to your creativity, efficiency, and analysis, starting now!

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