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General Sessions

Boom or Bust? 
How AI Will Impact Your HR Practices

Ben Eubanks
Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory 
Bestselling Author: Talent Scarcity: How to Hire and Retain a Shrinking Workforce
Host: We’re Only Human Podcast

Hiring, retention, engagement, compliance – the work of HR hasn’t changed fundamentally in years. But the tools surrounding the profession have changed dramatically. And now, AI technologies are almost human-like in their ability to answer questions. So, how are our jobs changing, what’s next for us, and what do we need to do to be ready? 

Join Ben Eubanks, the world’s leading expert on AI applications in human resources and author of Artificial Intelligence for HR, as he shares the answers to these and other questions in a fun, dynamic session. Expect to laugh, learn, and walk away with a different perspective on how technology is changing HR to be more human-focused than ever before.

Employment Law Update 

Kelly Hayden, JD
Chief Legal Counsel, HR Source 



2023 has seen literally hundreds of new, amended, or updated employment laws enacted. Changes are coming at you from the federal, state, county, and municipal levels. They are rarely well publicized and seldom well explained. Allow Kelly Hayden, Chief Legal Counsel at HR Source, to cut through the clutter and confusion. She’ll arm you with updated knowledge of your compliance obligations and help set your priorities, both immediately and for the coming year.

Breakout Sessions I

Overcoming Talent Scarcity 

Ben Eubanks
Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory 

In the last few years, we’ve struggled more than ever before to find and keep high-performing employees. What gives? Why is there suddenly a shortage of qualified workers? In this session, Ben Eubanks will bring to life some of the key themes of his new, bestselling book Talent Scarcity, sharing data and insights on the biggest trends that are shrinking the workforce. He’ll reveal practical tactics from companies that are overcoming the odds to attract and keep employees in innovative ways. 

Challenging Affirmative Action

Angela Adams, CEBS, SPHR
Director, EEO & Compliance Solutions, HR Source  

The United States Supreme Court’s recent decision on affirmative action in college-level education will probably open the door for challenges to employer Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs and government contracting affirmative action. Join Angela Adams as she explains the varying definitions and interpretations of affirmative action, what the Supreme Court case did, and did not say, how would-be challengers to affirmative action are reacting, and what the future may bring. 

Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations 

Sonal Shah, JD
Assistant Director, Employment Law Services

HR is tasked with many responsibilities, maybe none more important than properly conducting workplace investigations. Handling a thorough, fair, and effective investigation can be complex and risky. In this instructive session, Sonal Shah will cover all steps of the investigation process from determining if an investigation is necessary, to conducting a legally compliant investigation, to handling the outcome and results. She’ll clearly outline the critical processes that protect your organization when allegations of misconduct arise.

Breakout Sessions 2

Changes are Coming for Defined Contribution Plans

Amy Sullivan
Retirement Consultant, CAP STRAT 

Please join CAP STRAT for this important update on recent regulatory changes, including the SECURE Act 2.0, and legal proposals that will impact your defined contribution plans. In her role at CAP STRAT, Amy Sullivan analyzes plan participants' investment behavior together with investment industry trends, and develops specific recommendation based on her findings. In this session, Amy will outline steps you may need to take in light of the recent and upcoming changes as well as explaining recent litigation brought against plan sponsors.

Effective Employee Selection Tools   

Candace Fisher, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Certified Coach
Director, Organizational Development, HR Source

Ben Opp, SPHR
HR Hotline Advisor, HR Source

Are candidates who lack critical skills or characteristics sneaking through your interview process? Pre-employment testing can help plug those holes! Join Candace and Ben as they present and discuss tools to evaluate candidates and identify potential skill gaps, while still respecting key discrimination issues that can arise in the selection process. You’ll leave armed with practical strategies and effective solutions to increase the quality of your new hires.

FMLA Demystified   

Stephanie Dorning, JD
Employment Law Counsel, HR Source 

Since its passage in 1992, The Family Medical Leave Act has provided 12 weeks of unpaid leave to qualified employees of covered employers. Alongside that leave came mountains of paperwork, certification difficulties, and countless other challenges often leaving employers feeling confused, perplexed, and exposed to the risk of compliance violations. Allow HR Source attorney Stephanie Dorning to demystify some of the trickiest aspects of FMLA and help you prepare for the inevitable hiccups that come with administering this challenging law. Stephanie draws from more than 10 years of experience at the Federal Department of Labor to provide examples and guidance in avoiding common violations and streamlining your FMLA process.

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