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woman shaking hands with manager with coworkers applauding in background

Show Them the Love!

By Candace Fisher, SPHR, Director, Organizational Development/Certified Coach
Published January 24, 2023

February is coming soon and there are lots of opportunities to celebrate: the Super Bowl on the 12th, Valentine’s Day on the 14th (or “Galentine’s” on the 13th), our pets on the 20th (National Love Your Pet Day), paczki for Mardi Gras on the 21st, and don’t forget to show some random acts of kindness on the 17th. Yes, there are a lot more, and no, I didn’t make these up! So, with all this love going around (can you feel it?), how are you showing your employees, including your supervisors and managers, “the love”? 

When we look at the reasons employees leave organizations, it’s often because they didn’t feel appreciated. Do your leaders regularly communicate to their team how valuable they are to the department and the organization? 

Are all employees treated with respect? Does your organization focus on inclusion and allow employees to bring their authentic selves to work? Often employees feel they must conform to the personality style or the behaviors of others on the team or in the organization. Yes, we all need to do our job and exhibit workplace professionalism, but sometimes managers hire or promote using the “just like me” principle rather than basing the selection decision on skills and ability to do the job. 

Are employees paid fairly and competitively? Are your benefits competitive and meeting the needs of your employees? Pay and benefits are very tangible ways that an organization shows how much it values employees.

Good employees want the opportunity to grow and develop. Does your organization offer and support professional learning opportunities and career development? Training and development are critical investments in your employees, and organizations should communicate that these investments are made because employees are valued. Are you investing in your leaders? Most people aren’t born with good leadership skills. Managers need to be trained how to hire the best candidates, how to effectively manage and recognize employees’ performance, to engage and encourage their team, and how to treat them with respect. These are just a few important ways that organizations can show employees that they care. What’s your organization doing to “show them the love”?

HR Source members who would like to explore any of these recommendations (or other ways to demonstrate how you value your employees) should contact us through the HR Hotline online or at 800-448-4584. If you’re looking for training and development opportunities for your employees and your managers, visit our Training Calendar or contact us to discuss bringing training onsite to your organization.

Just a few of the upcoming development opportunities on our calendar next month include: