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The Keynote

“It’s been roughly 96 hours since a disgruntled employee who was being terminated killed 5 people and shot 5 police officers at the Henry Pratt factory. I said his name one time for the media, and I will never let it cross my lips again.”

Chief Kristen Ziman, Aurora Police Department
Facebook, February 19, 2019

Chief Kristen Ziman, Aurora Police Department
A prolific writer and avid blogger, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman shared these words (and many more) a few days after the mass shooting that occurred at the Henry Pratt facility in her hometown. If you follow her on social media, you immediately see a leader who openly shares the pride and love she feels for her people and her city. Witness the epitome of the #AuroraStrong message during Chief Ziman’s opening session about workplace safety, leadership and taking care of your people.