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Need for Speed Doesn’t Only Apply in the Olympics (8/23/2016) 
For the past two weeks, the world has been watching incredible athletes run, swim, row, etc. their way to the medal podium. Although not every sport is timed, there is a sense of urgency in most all events. Timing is everything!

Investigations: Anticipating the Unexpected (8/23/2016) 
Most HR professionals will be tasked with conducting one (or likely several) employment-related investigations. Whether the investigation relates to sexual harassment, race discrimination, bullying, inappropriate conduct or anything else...

Parents & Their Interference (8/23/2016) 
We occasionally get calls on our HR Hotline that go something like this: “We hire teenagers and sometimes have to discipline them. Sporadically, a parent calls and either wants to be in the disciplinary session or is objecting to a reprimand...

Massachusetts Strikes Hard at Pay Equity (8/23/2016) 
In a monumental effort to address the wage gap between men and women, Massachusetts has signed into law a new Pay Equity Act, making it the first state in the nation to ban employers from asking about salary history as part of the interview process.

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