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Workplace Telepressure (11/17/2015) 
Have you ever suffered symptoms, but did not know the name of your ailment? Traditionally, we seek answers to our woes by asking friends, searching online or turning to a medical professional. Sometimes, however, we unexpectedly come across a new...

Employment Agreements: Broader is Not Better (11/17/2015) 
Despite our repeated counseling, employers still think it’s fine to have one comprehensive employment agreement that every employee signs. They figure it’s better for the agreement to cover too much, rather than not enough.

Can You Create a Desire to Learn? (11/17/2015) 
How do you get employees to want to learn, grow and develop professionally? Organizations can spend a lot of time and money to train employees. Tuition reimbursement programs are a benefit that can be a significant expense.

OFCCP Clarifies “Protected Vet” Definition; New ID Form Available (11/17/2015) 
Did the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) change the definition of a “protected veteran” for affirmative action purposes?


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