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Paid Breaks and Overtime Compensation (10/18/2016) 
While the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mandates many things, it does not require that employers pay employees for lunch breaks.

Go Ahead Take All the Credit (10/18/2016) 
For Human Resource certified professionals, working for a company that is a member of the Management Association is especially beneficial.

FLSA Reclassification Letter Available (10/18/2016) 
Employers across the country are busy preparing for the new FLSA rules, which are effective December 1, 2016. With these new rules, millions of American workers will be reclassified to non-exempt and will now be eligible for overtime protections.

2017 Merit Increase Projections (10/20/2016) 
We recently released our 2016 Salary Budget Survey which contains data from 219 participating Chicagoland member organizations. The survey reports average budgeted pay increases for the next 12-month period...

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