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Being Genuine Trumps EQ (9/27/2016) 
People with high levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) have many advantages in the workplace. According to research by TalentSmart, 58% of workplace success is related to EQ levels and those with high EQ make $29,000/year more than their peers...

EEOC Loses Hairstyle Discrimination Case (9/27/2016) 
The EEOC website is a great place to review information concerning cases the EEOC has pursued. The EEOC has a “newsroom” tab and these press releases provide information concerning cases the EEOC has filed, settled or won.

Keeping the Human in Human Resources (9/27/2016) 
HR Departments traditionally run very lean in most organizations. Yet today, they are tasked with more and more responsibilities as business and regulations evolve.

Celebrate Your Customer Service Staff! (9/27/2016) 
One of the ways to boost employee morale and engagement is to celebrate your staff and their successes. Next week, October 3 – 7, 2016,is a great opportunity to do just that – during National Customer Service week.

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