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Around this time each year, I write an article about New Year’s resolutions or what I plan to explore, embark upon or tackle in the year ahead. With 2014 almost in the record books, I have been reflecting on what a uniquely satisfying year it has been. Read More...

In a decision issued last spring, the Illinois Supreme Court held that the Illinois Eavesdropping Act was unconstitutional. In its decision, the Court held that the Act, which prohibited the tape-recording of conversations absent the consent of all parties to the conversation, was overbroad because it failed to distinguish between Read More...

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rejected a claim by Amazon.com workers, who sought wages for time spent waiting and going through an end-of-workday security screening.  Read More...

Is there a new employment posting for 2015? What new laws and guidelines will affect employers next year?  Read More...

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