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Earlier this month, the Illinois House of Representatives approved a bill, entitled the “Pregnant Workers Fairness Act”, which would require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees for conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth.  Read More...

Q: What is the state minimum wage?
A: The current minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 an hour – which equates to roughly $17,000 a year.  Read More...

A supervisor has noticed that an employee is criticizing a coworker for her religious beliefs and her choice of religious radio stations. We do allow employees to listen to music at their desks if it is not offensive or distracting to other employees. Read More...

I guess we’re pretty traditional in my family.
Our kids bring home their report cards and present them to us for approval and (if they’ve earned it) accolades. I sit in this really comfy brown leather chair and hold forth. Read More...

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