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The Importance of Internal Pay Transparency

Posted on 1/31/2023
Because pay equity perceptions have a strong influence on employee engagement and retention, employers should strive to be more transparent and communicative with employees regarding compensation.

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One Day Rest in Seven New FAQs

Posted on 1/31/2023
Recently, the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) updated its One Day Rest in Seven Act (ODRISA) FAQs. While we believe the updates were released this month, it’s not clear exactly when this occurred as the changes were released without any ...

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The I-9 Expertise Quiz

Posted on 1/31/2023
Consider yourself an I-9 expert? An employment authorization authority? A USCIS connoisseur? Test yourself with these real-world, HR Hotline-derived I-9 situations. No cheating! Ready? Go!

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Results Released: 2023 Park and Recreation Compensation Survey

Posted on 1/31/2023
We are excited to announce that the results of the 2023 Park and Recreation Compensation Survey are now available!

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