Rest and Break Law Changes Signed by Governor
On April 28, 2022, the Illinois General Assembly approved revisions to the One Day Rest in Seven Act (ODRISA) via Senate Bill 3146. The bill has been signed by Governor Pritzker and will take effect in January, 2023.

The Game of Life
Do you remember “The Game of Life”? Small toy cars that you filled with little pink or blue pegs as you navigated a serpentine board of trials, taxes, and tribulations? There was a roulette wheel that had a clicker and tons of multicolored money ...

Name Changes: Record Requirements
Question: We have an employee who has changed his name. How should we handle this? Answer: When an employee changes his or her name, there are definite steps you should follow.

Leave Your Personal Life at Home!
You’ve heard it before. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. “Leave your personal life at home.” And then there’s the converse: “Don’t bring your work problems home with you.”

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