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Customer Surveys

Gain critical business knowledge with our survey solutions.

Knowing your customer's opinions, experiences and satisfaction levels informs your decisions so you can improve on your organization's success.

Information is critical to the success of your business.

Retaining customers, driving loyalty, and improving your bottom line are much easier when you take action based on customer feedback. Whether you have an existing customer satisfaction tool or would like to develop a new survey, HR Source can help. 

Would you like your survey conducted online? Is it important to have survey results broken out by customer group or category? Want to include Net Promoter Scores? We’ve got you covered.

As a third-party survey provider, HR Source is your partner for customer satisfaction surveys. With a variety of survey tools available, we will ensure you’re asking the right questions to get the information you need. Our online survey administration is user-friendly and guarantees the confidentiality of all survey participants.  

Many organizations turn to HR Source for customer satisfaction surveys. Below are several reasons why:

  • We have experienced survey analysts on staff that can process and present data in meaningful and easy-to-understand ways.
  • Using a third party provider guarantees confidentiality of the data supplied by participants.
  • As a member-based organization, we know the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with members. We keep that in mind when designing and conducting a survey.
  • We have paper and web-based data collection methods available, giving participants more options for communicating their information.
    We are a full-service survey source with services ranging from survey development and design to data collection, data calculation, data reporting, and analysis. 


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Anecdotally ...
Tinley Park Library Logo
“HR Source provided invaluable assistance to the Tinley Park Public Library when we were looking to conduct a patron satisfaction survey. The results significantly informed the priority areas, goals, and objectives identified in our new strategic plan. HR Source streamlined the process, helping us to carefully craft questions, coordinate distribution of the surveys, and thoroughly analyze results, providing us with clear, meaningful data.”
Zach Musil,  Director, Tinley Park Public Library

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