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Ethics Hotline

Is your organization committed to ethical business practices?

HR Source can help you promote, achieve, and maintain that goal.

Doing what’s right – consistently – isn’t easy. And it can be even more challenging for an entire organization. Beyond simple communications or a few lines of text in a policy statement, how can you demonstrate your commitment to ethical business practices to your employees, your customers, and the world?

A subscription to HR Source’s Ethics Hotline lets your employees know that you are serious about your commitment.

If an employee experiences something not in keeping with your policies and practices, and is uncomfortable discussing the matter with a manager, supervisor, or the HR Department, the Ethics Hotline provides them with a safe, alternative reporting option.

The Ethics Hotline:

  • Provides a system for employees to report incidents that may violate your code of conduct, anti-harassment/discrimination, safety, and ethics policies.
  • Allows reports to be received 24/7, via phone message or email.
  • Gives employees the option to report anonymously.
  • Receives and tracks employee reports and relays information to your organization within 24 hours. A quarterly usage summary is also provided.
  • Includes marketing collateral to promote the service to employees. 
  • Can provide for earlier detection of issues and reduce the risk of retaliation.

We would be delighted to discuss the Ethics Hotline with you in more detail. Contact us when you're ready!

For more information, please contact us at info@hrsource.org or 800-448-4584.

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