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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A strong DE&I program can increase engagement, participation and innovation in your workplace.

HR Source offers many resources to get you started.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives have been on employers’ agendas for several years, but the topic has taken on increased significance since the value and advantages of a diverse workforce have become clear. With the swift change expected by employees, customers and the public will come swift improvements. Meaningful results take energy and effort, and HR Source offers these resources to help get you started.

DE&I Tools and Services

Pay Analysis Services

Pay Equity Analysis: Look beyond your compensation structure to ensure you are paying men & women and minorities & non-minorities fairly, based on job requirements, performance and other elements that may determine compensation.

EEO-1 Report Benchmarking: Did you know the data the government collects from the EEO-1 is aggregated by industry and location, and that you can compare yourself to similar organizations in your area in terms male/female and non-minority/minority representation by each EEO-1 category? See how your demographics stack up to other businesses. 


Diversity Recruiting Services

Recruiting Partnership: Partner with our experienced recruiters to work with your hiring team, manage your search, and support your efforts to increase candidate diversity.

Recruiting Process Assessment: our experienced recruiters can analyze your recruiting process and make recommendations geared towards a compliant process that supports your diversity efforts. 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Document Bundle 

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Bundle consists of 14 fully editable and customizable employee handbook policy statements that will clearly establish and define your organization’s commitment to fair and equitable employment practices.  LEARN MORE


DE&I Employer Assessment

Not sure where to start or what to do to make a real difference? To help, HR Source created the DE&I Assessment which will help you generate, analyze and understand your DE&I-related data.  LEARN MORE

Training Solutions 

Training at Your Location

Partner with HR Source to identify your DE&I training needs and create a training plan that ensures employees develop the skills necessary to achieve your organizational objectives. We can bring the following existing programs to you or develop and deliver a program that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Our Valuing Diversity program, which seeks to demonstrate the business benefit of respecting our differences as a source of greater organizational strength. Participants will have an opportunity to examine how their perceptions are formed as well as think about strategies for working with people who are different from them.

In this five-part progressive series, participants will gain a deeper understanding of DE&I concepts and examine biases and potentially problematic components of your organization's culture and practices. We can present these as individual sessions, tailoring them to meet your organization’s needs, or present it as a progressive series. 

Session 1: Introduction to DE&I 
Session 2: Understanding Gender Identity 
Session 3: Recognizing Unconscious Bias
Session 4: Combatting Microaggressions 
Session 5: Initiate Real Change


Online Video Training from HR Source 

We offer a variety of recorded sessions to assist you in your DE&I training needs including:

• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: How to Initiate Change
Unconscious Bias & the Workplace
Making Unbiased Pay Decisions

Visit the Online Video Training Store to learn more.


Helpful Resources and Links

These additional resources are intended to provide information relevant to the DE&I topic, as well as offering useful suggestions to assist an organization’s effort to implement and/or continue DE&I programs. Added resources will be included from time to time to continue helping our members educate themselves on this very important topic. Please use and share them broadly with others.

Diversity and Inclusion, McKinsey & Company
(Insights on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Equality Institute 

(Offers links to various DEI resources and suggestions on cultivating DE&I in an organization)

Diversity and Inclusion, U.S. Department of Labor
(Offers toolkits and resources about disability and diversity)

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Anti-Racism Resources
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