Connecting People to the Business

Connecting People to the Business
This is a training program presented through Zoom.

Talent acquisition and retention responsibilities and activities directly relate to the profitability and financial success of any organization. Make no mistake. In a for-profit organization, sales drive the business. And our talent’s contribution to the bottom line is often directly affected by the activities of the sales force.

Often, our sales, operations, and leadership teams look at sales and profitability through different lenses. But ultimately, they all speak the same language. A primary course objective is to look at profitability from a series of different views and to address the language, terms and issues that are so important to our senior leadership.

In this information-packed session, we will discuss:

  • ‘Break-Even’ Points. What are they and why are they so important. 
  • How even a 1% discount in the sales price will affect your break-even point requiring the need to significantly increase sales and production.
  • How this jump in production translates to an increase in the labor force: direct and indirect costs.

Every time we make a hiring decision, we are making an investment. In a study by National Business Research Institute, they found that 43% of bad hires were made when there was a need to fill positions quickly. We’ll link hiring, to both the overhead and income statements as we connect the dots between corporate financial decisions and people. 

Join HR Source and BMI Global Consulting for this intriguing, highly interactive session to learn how to connect people to the business and your bottom line.

A series of three sessions (4/21, 4/28 and 5/5) is available for a discounted price of $295 for members, $395 for non-members.  Please call to register.
1.5 Recertification Business Credits          1.5 PDC's
4/21/2021 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Virtual Session
Online registration not available.

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