Fully Engage Your Talent- Free Briefing

Fully Engage Your Talent- Free Briefing
This is a virtual training program presented through Zoom.

Employee engagement is a complicated issue. When trying to fully engage employees, it’s important to hire the right individual and nurture them to enable them to perform their jobs successfully. Organizations consistently struggle with both hiring and engaging employees. For many companies, that means lower productivity and a suffering bottom line.

To make an impact on employee disengagement, it may be best to start with simple steps. This session will review the steps and conditions to employee engagement and the many benefits of employee engagement that are possible through solutions such as assessments and workshops. It all begins with Job Fit, placing gifted workers where they’re most likely to succeed and giving them opportunities for growth. Then, after helping organizations place individuals into the right roles, this tool uses personalized information to help management determine what professional development opportunities employees need and want and gives them coaching tips to working most effectively to engage those employees.

During this briefing, participants will:

  • Learn how to reduce turnover and boost employee engagement, resulting in happier employees.
  • Determine when assessments such as PXT Select® should be utilized and whether it is an option for your organization.
  • Learn how such a comprehensive tool can radically change how you conduct interviews.
  • Review sample reports, including a Comprehensive Selection Report, a Coaching Report, and a Leadership Report for potential supervisors and explore how they can help you engage your employees.
  • Explore options to prepare your managers to take the lead on employee engagement in your organization.

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4/9/2021 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Virtual Session
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