Take your leaders and teams to the next level

Coaching allows teams and leaders to move past obstacles, see different angles, and achieve results. HR Source offers several coaching options.

Individual and Executive Coaching 
Our certified coaches offer Individual and Executive Coaching to support leaders. Using a variety of assessments, including CliftonStrengths, DiSC Work of Leaders, and DiSC 363 for Leaders, our coaches support leaders in developing themselves to the next level. Whether it is working through a blind spot, improving communication, or learning how to best tap into team potential, our coaches meet the leaders where they are and challenge them to reach their untapped potential.  
Team Coaching
Team Coaching explores team dynamics and creates interventions to help teams better communicate and leverage each other's natural talents. Using the assessment best for your goals, including Clifton Strengths, DiSC for Teams, or The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, our coaches will open discussions to minimize conflict, improve communication, and ultimately increase trust and productivity. 
Contact HR Source today to explore what option may suit your organization best. Let us help you reach heights you have only dreamed of before!

Lauren Soderstrom, PHR, Senior Organizational Development Partner, talks about the value of coaching.


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