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The Benefits of Standing Desks (9/19/2017) 
This past week, we joined many other employers by placing an order for standing desks. After continued reports regarding the health risks of sitting in the workplace and the advantages of moving around throughout the day, we decided...

Employee Resignations: What’s the Best Practice? (9/19/2017) 
An employee resignation often seems much “cleaner” than a termination. The employee is voluntarily leaving the employment relationship on a specified date, will not be eligible for unemployment and could hardly claim any legal rights...

OSHA Cracking Down on General Duty Clause Violations (9/19/2017) 
If you’re not familiar with your safety obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)’s General Duty Clause (29 CFR 1910), you will want to become acquainted with them quickly.

“I Am Who I Am and You Can’t Expect Me to Change!” (9/19/2017) 
“I’m not rude; I’m direct.” “I’m shy. I just don’t like groups.” “I need more time to double check my work. It’s who I am.”

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