Is your compensation system 
paying off?

We'll help it deliver value to your organization.

Compensation System Design

Compensation means more to your organization than just paying people. Do you have a well thought out and designed plan?

A strategic compensation system can ensure your organization’s success. Through evaluation, planning and design, HR Source will ensure that your compensation practices are in step with your overall business strategy and pay philosophy, are market competitive and legally compliant.

We offer a variety of options and services to help you develop a productive compensation structure.

Market Benchmarking/Market Pricing
Is your current compensation in alignment with the market and your competitors? Let us review your strategy, compile valuable, reliable market data, and create a pay-grade structure and meaningful plan for moving forward.

Exempt or Non-Exempt? 
Using detailed job descriptions, our Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) analysis will determine the appropriate exempt or non-exempt job classifications according to the FLSA and current state wage and hour laws.
Point Factor Job Evaluation
We can help you implement and administer the National Position Evaluation Plan, the most widely used point factor job evaluation system in the U.S.

Job Descriptions
Let us analyze job content and review or write job descriptions that are meaningful and useful. We’ll ensure strict adherence to best practices and legal standards.

Performance Management
Bring it all together by effectively communicating to employees the importance of competent performance and its relationship to personal and organizational success. We’ll help you develop a process that reflects your organization’s standards and expectations.

Build an effective compensation system with your HR partner.

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