Employee Handbooks

Your employee handbook is an important internal communications device that can simplify systems, streamline operations – and protect you from costly litigation and liability. But your handbook is only useful if it conforms to generally accepted employment practices, is easy to understand and is compliant with state and federal employment law.

HR Source's employment law attorneys can draft individual policies for our members' existing handbooks, complete an overall review and update, or even develop a new handbook from scratch. 

Handbook Review
If you have an existing handbook that needs updating, HR Source will review and make recommendations for enhancement. This review includes:

  • A compliance check of current policies and existing federal and applicable state laws.
  • An assessment of whether policies are clearly written and easy to administer.
  • A benchmark comparison of current policies to industry standards.
  • New ideas and related sample policy language.
  • Edits made directly to the electronic version you provide to us.

Handbook Development
If you are creating a handbook for the first time or require extensive modifications, our attorneys will:

  • Meet with you to learn more about your organizational culture, philosophy and procedures.
  • Help you decide which topics should be included in the handbook.
  • Create new policies or adapt current policies.
  • Ensure that all policies are in compliance with federal and applicable state  laws.
  • Provide the handbook in an electronic format.


For more information, please contact us at info@hrsource.org or 800-448-4584.

Member Organizations: If your organization is currently a member of the Association, remember that help and advice concerning individual policies is just a phone call away through our HR Hotline service. Our attorneys will be happy to discuss specific policy issues with you – at no additional charge over your annual dues. Some sample forms and policies are available on our website.

For information on becoming a member, visit our Membership page.


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