Harassment Prevention Training

Anti-Harassment Training Illinois

The Workplace Transparency Act, effective January 1, 2020, requires that all Illinois employers provide annual sexual harassment prevention training to all employees.

The training must include1:

  • Examples of sexual harassment and other prohibited conduct;
  • A summary of the relevant laws, both federal and state and remedies available to victims; and
  • An explanation of the employer’s responsibility to prevent, investigate and remedy sexual harassment.

1If you meet the definition of a restaurant or a bar under the law, you must meet additional requirements, including making sure (1) that your training covers specific conduct, activities, or videos related to the restaurant, catering, or bar/hospitality industry;  (2) that your training includes an explanation of individual (manager) liability and responsibility under the law; and (2) that you offer English and Spanish versions of the training. Please contact us for more information if you are in the food service industry.

For frequently asked questions regarding the training, check out our Harassment Prevention Training FAQs.

HR Source delivers Harassment Prevention training in multiple ways:

1. On-Site at Your Location in English and Spanish (HR Source members only): 

We believe that on-site, in-person, training is the best and most effective way to deliver anti-harassment training. Our on-site training combines the use of lecture, group activities and video to make sure that your employees understand the ins and outs of anti-harassment law. We’ll also review your specific anti-harassment policy with your managers and supervisors.  

For each session you schedule, HR Source will also provide complimentary attendance to five additional employees at either the 2-Hour Harassment Prevention for Supervisors & Managers Webinar or the 1-Hour Harassment Prevention for Employees Webinar (to be used within three months).

Contact us for pricing.

  • Harassment Prevention for Supervisors & Managers – 2.5 hours 
  • Harassment Prevention for Employees – 1.5 hours
  • Harassment Prevention Training for Private or Public Sector Boards – 1 hour

2 . Via Webinar for Your Employees Only in English (HR Source Members only)

These sessions include a review of your specific anti-harassment policy!

Contact us for more information or to schedule your webinar(s).

  • Harassment Prevention for Supervisors & Managers Group Webinar
    2 hours (up to 100 employees from the same organization) $1,500
  • Harassment Prevention for Employees Group Webinar
    1 hour (up to 100 employees from the same organization) $1,000

3.  Monthly Webinar (in English only)

Harassment Prevention Webinars are presented live by an HR Source attorney, and are held monthly, on different days of the week, at different times. View a list of our upcoming Webinars here. These are open to members and non-members! Your specific anti-harassment policy will not be reviewed, as participants from multiple organizations will be in attendance.

Contact us with questions.

  • 2-Hour Harassment Prevention for Supervisors & Managers Webinar
    HR Source members: $49.00/each
    Non-members: $69.00/each
  • 1.5-Hour Harassment Prevention for Employees Webinar
    HR Source members: $29.00/each
    Non-members: $49.00/eac

Conducted harassment training with us in 2019?

Contact us to verify and receive a discount code for Monthly Webinar sessions scheduled through June 2020.

  • Manager Training: $39.00/each
  • Employee Training: $19.00/each
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