Job Descriptions

Without job descriptions, our best efforts to staff, develop and evaluate performance are without direction. Our ability to defend against pay, performance, promotion and discrimination claims is at a disadvantage.

Job descriptions can be useful to employers, employees and applicants. An employer needs to consider the format, degree of detail, use of disclaimers and the clarity, currency and accuracy of job functions. Job descriptions can assist managers who are interviewing, selecting and appraising the performance of employees. Writing good job descriptions requires time, effort and creativity. Job descriptions must be maintained and kept accurate and current.

HR Source's compensation consultants can assist you by:

  • Conducting a full job analysis through onsite interviews and observations and through collection of information via questionnaires completed by employees.
  • Using the information gathered above, the consultant will write a complete, concise job description outlining the position's major duties and responsibilities tailored to meet the specific requirement of the employer. 
  • As part of the process, the consultant will make a determination of exemption status under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Project Proposal & Fees:

A staff member from the HR Source will meet with you to discuss the scope and timeline of your project, then provide a written proposal.

Fees are based on project complexity and timelines; fees are billed on an hourly basis, so you only pay for what you need.


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