Performance Management

Ensure your employee performance evaluation program communicates the importance of high levels of performance, encourages individual development, and reflects your organization’s standards and expectations.  

Does your performance management system:

  • Foster ongoing communication between employees and managers concerning performance evaluations, job objectives and work plans?
  • Provide a method through which employees know what is expected and understand how performance is evaluated and how it ties to organization goals?
  • Encourage individual growth, improvement and productivity?
  • Provide management with an objective method for the review and coaching of an employee’s job performance?
  • Serve as an essential tool in identifying individuals capable of advancement and for appropriately rewarding performance?

Utilizing a team approach, incorporating the input and ideas from management and employees, HR Source professionals will construct a custom employee appraisal form, mid-year/quarterly update, and employee self-appraisal form. Performance management training for supervisors is also available.

What makes our process unique?
HR Source utilizes a competency-based approach to performance management planning. This research-supported approach is based on the primary goal of defining the critical behaviors needed for effective and superior individual and organizational performance.

Furthermore, our process includes the use of behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS). The BARS method of evaluating employees carries typical job appraisals one step further.  BARS compare an individual’s performance against specific examples of behavior that are anchored to performance tiers. BARS are tailored to your organization through an interactive process with management and employees, where a common language is developed regarding job behaviors and performance expectations.

Build an effective performance management system with your HR partner.


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