Meet HR Source.

Why the new brand?

With 120 years of history behind us, the Association has obviously flexed and morphed over time to remain vibrant and relevant for our members. We've had many names, and for the last five decades, our name has always included the words "Management Association." 

Today, more than 1,200 member organizations look to us as a trusted source of HR expertise and guidance, and many of them have come to refer to us simply as HR Source.  We figured maybe it's time we started answering to that.  

Our new brand will help our members (and members-to-be) to instantly understand who we are and what we do.

What’s changing?
You’ll see a new logo and a new look to go with the name HR Source. But nothing under our hood is changing.

What’s staying the same?
Our association and membership structure are staying the same. So is everything we deliver to our members. You’ll keep working with the same great team and receive the same member benefits and services you’ve come to count on from us.

We’re still here, ready to be your HR Source. Now our name says so, too.

Questions? Comments?
Ring us up at 800-448-4584, or email

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